How To Honor The Deceased

How To Honor The Deceased

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You’ll never understand the pain of losing someone until you actually do, and when you do, it’s always hard to get over it. So when friends and relatives of the deceased come together and have a memorial, it reminds one of the infallibility of human existence. That even though we die, we live through the memories of those we leave behind. With that said, knowing a thing or two about how to honor the deceased can be of considerable help if you’re struggling to get over the loss you’ve just experienced. Whether big or small, a memorial event is the best send off for a dearly departed. If it’s any consolation, you don’t need to dig through savings or sell valuable assets in order to foot the bill for a memorial.

Memorial Gardens Life Beyond The Grave

During our relationships with those who eventually pass on, we nourish, protect and cherish. We live in absolute adoration of┬áthe others virtues, and on occasion, laugh at each others vices. In a nutshell, we literally grow to love one another. So what better way to prolong that relationship than to plant a memorial flower garden. Better still, a tree -only you know what he or she meant to you. Basically you’ll be recreating the same nourishment as before and reaffirming your relationship beyond he grave. Some religions even go as far as asserting a belief in reincarnation, which is a belief that -because we are spiritual beings- our souls are ‘renewable, albeit in another form. Wipe away those tears, get creative.

Cremate, Then Scatter!

In China, the famous River Ganges is known for being the cultural burial site of many who are cremated. It’s a ‘thing’ there, if you can call it that. Across the world from Asia, Cubans paid their last respects to the revolutionary Fidel Castro by scattering his ashes all over Cuba from a plane. Cremation might deprive you of a place to visit from time to time -like a grave- but it is symbolic in a lot of lovely ways. For one, it can be a way to let go and usher them into the spiritual realm, so to speak.

Artistic Embodiment

When I first came to know that people were incorporating the ash remains of loved ones in physical art I was like, “Unleash the aliens”. It didn’t make sense, but it does now. There is something about having them close to you that beats going to their grave once in a blue moon. It gives one an idyllic sense of presence that is comforting at the same time. Commissioning tangible artwork might be costly, but it surely beats feeling alone and sad.

Candle Lighting

Light represents hope, life and energy. It is common for people to have night vigils after massacres and killings because it provides inner peace to those who are in deep mourning. In my culture it is normal to light a fire during the funeral wake. Relatives and friends form a huddle and just talk to pass the night away. No one should ever mourn alone.


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